Some adults never consider getting braces because they worry about drawing negative attention to their teeth, or they might worry about the discomfort of having braces tightened. Still others might be concerned about how long treatment with traditional braces can take.

Unlike braces that rely on metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses computer designed custom-made plastic trays. When you receive your Invisalign kit, you will wear each tray in it for about two weeks before moving on to the next one. As you move from one tray to another, your teeth will be brought closer to their ideal position. Each tray feels slightly snug when it is first put in and that feeling tapers off as the teeth move. The tightness is intentional and means that teeth are moving.

Advantages of Invisalign
  • The most obvious benefits of Invisalign is that it is discrete and uses trays instead of brackets and wire.
  • There are no food restrictions. Invisalign lets you eat what you want and makes it easy to brush and floss. That’s because your Invisalign trays are removable for meals and for your daily oral health routine. You never have to give up on the foods you love just because you’re straightening your smile.
  • Shorter treatment time than traditional braces.
  • Oral hygiene is easy to maintain.
  • There is less discomfort during treatment.
Disadvantages of Invisalign
  • Because the aligner trays are removable, patient cooperation is of prime importance. If you don’t keep the aligners in the required amount of time, they do not have the opportunity to do the movements they are designed for.
  • Not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign.

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