Oral Sedation

What exactly is Oral Sedation?

Oral conscious sedation – Oral conscious sedation is a newer form of dental sedation that has brought many of our patients welcome relief. By taking a pill 30 minutes to one hour before an appointment, patients can relax prior to treatment. If a patient has heightened dental anxiety, a bad gag reflex, sensitive teeth, or other factors than make dental treatment uncomfortable, oral conscious sedation can transform his time spent in the dental chair.

Oral Sedation can help if:

You’re particularly nervous about dental treatment

You want to feel more relaxed during your visit to the dentist

You have a bad gag reflexes

Why choose Oral Sedation?

It’s very effective

It is a very comfortable experience

It is safe

Is Oral Sedation safe?

Yes. When registered by expert dentists like Dr. Avanti Sanghavi, this procedure is completely safe. There are also no adverse after-effects to worry about.

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